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The Prescription for a Happy and Healthy Child: 113 Questions Answered by a Top Pediatrician by Dr. Daniela Atanassova-Lineva and Dr. Shellie Hipsk

New parents have A LOT of questions! Dr. Daniela Atanassova-Lineva has the answers. World-renowned pediatrician Dr. Daniela Atanassova-Lineva and award-winning empowerment coach and former tenured professor Dr. Shellie Hipsky, both moms, have teamed up to get the answers in your hands!

The first five years of a child's development create a crucial foundation for the rest of their physical and mental growth, and a huge part of building that solid foundation is ensuring that they are the healthiest they can be. But you're busy. Running to the doctor for every sniffle, scrape, and sneeze isn't feasible!

That's why Dr. Daniela and Dr. Shellie created The Prescription for a Happy, Healthy Child: 113 Questions Answered by a Top Pediatrician. Dr. Daniela, the M.D. of the team, is a medical expert who has been helping her patients be happy and healthy for 23 years. And no question is a silly question! Dr. Shellie, Ed.D., has keynoted at Harvard University and the University of Oxford and brings her decades of book writing experience to the table, turning all the questions into learning tools for parents.

As a mom of two, she's been in the hot seat in the doctor's office with many of the questions that you'll find between these pages. No, you don't have to call the doctor's emergency line for every question that arises.

The Prescription for a Happy, Healthy Child has all the basic answers from a trusted source for keeping your child happy and healthy from infant to school-age. "As a medical doctor myself, I feel that The Prescription for a Happy, Healthy Child is an invaluable resource. Dr. Daniela Atanassova-Lineva is a respected pediatrician who has the answers that new parents are seeking for their children."


~ Dr. Robert Goldman, M.D., Ph.D., D.O., & F.A.A.S.P.

Please purchase the book on June 1st on International Children's Day and beyond. Also, please let other parents know that this is an important book by providing 5 stars and a positive review on Amazon. Thank you!


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