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Today, genetic testing offers a myriad benefits. Genetic tests can help customize a weight-loss plan, identify the best medication to fight an infection, diagnose tick-borne infections with IGeneX®, and beyond. Peds 4 Kids offers DNA testing in Rego Park, New York, with the convenience of onsite blood tests. Call Daniela Atanassova-Lineva, MD, today or book a consultation online.

Genetic Testing Q & A

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing can uncover vital information to help Dr. Atanassova-Lineva diagnose, prevent, and treat health conditions. A genetic test examines a sample of your DNA, which is like your genetic blueprint, for changes, or mutations, that are a red flag for an illness or disease.

Although genetic testing can offer you a window into your long-term health, the tests come with certain limitations. For example, if you're generally healthy, a positive result on a genetic test doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a certain disease. Conversely, a negative test result doesn't rule out the possibility of contracting a medical condition down the road.

What is the benefit of genetic testing?

Dr. Atanassova-Lineva may recommend a genetic test to better understand your child’s and your family’s health. Genetic tests include:

  • Diagnostic testing: Testing can reveal if your child has a condition caused by a genetic mutation, such as cystic fibrosis or Huntington's disease.
  • Predictive testing: If a genetic condition runs in your family, a genetic test may show whether your child is at risk.
  • Carrier testing: If a genetic disorder runs in your family or ethnic group, a genetic test can detect whether you carry genes associated with a broad range of genetic diseases and mutations.
  • Pharmacogenetics: If your child needs treatment for a medical condition, genetic testing may help determine the best medications and dosage for his or her body.
  • Metabolic testing: Genetic testing of your child’s metabolism helps tailor a weight-loss plan to his or her genetic makeup.

If you’re interested in metabolic testing for your child, Dr. Atanassova-Lineva also offers personalized nutrition plans to help your child achieve a healthy weight.  

What’s collected during genetic testing?

Dr. Atanassova-Lineva or a nurse collects a sample of DNA to send to a lab for testing. They may collect a:

  • Blood sample: drawing a small vial of blood by inserting a needle in a vein
  • Cheek swab: swabbing the inside of your child’s cheek to collect cells for testing

For your convenience, Peds 4 Kids can draw blood onsite.

How do I prepare for genetic testing?

It’s a good idea to gather as much information as possible about your family’s medical history before your appointment. Dr. Atanassova-Lineva asks you about diseases that run in your family.

Be sure to ask her any questions you have about genetic testing. You’ll also talk about your options once the test results for your child come in.

If you’ve been considering genetic testing for your child, Peds 4 Kids offers DNA testing for weight loss to match them with the right medications and more. Call today or book a consultation online.